Directed by Samuel Collardey

Produced by Geko Films / Two Lane Films / Empreinte Digitale / Canal +

Moochie is a six-part documentary miniseries about a murder case, shot as events unfold, from the police investigation to the jury's final verdict.

In production...



Coastlines, Guns and Women in the Low Country

A multimedia project by Two Lane Films

An exploration of communities along the Georgia/South Carolina coast, where societal and environmental breakdown are instigating valiant acts of human resistance.


A short film by Hugues Hariche

John, a young bodybuilder, is training hard for the NPC Georgia Bodybuilding Championships. Day after day, within his strict regimen, he is challenged by obstacles that confront him on his journey. A journey where he hopes to find on stage that unique moment of happiness: flow.


A documentary feature by Jennifer Ash Rudick and Hugues Hariche

Rodeo and ranching may sound like romantic notions of the old frontier, but for the Wright family, it is their past, their present and hopefully their future. Their story puts a face on the most iconic American image, the cowboy.

In production...

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A narrative feature by Hugues Hariche

In a post-apocalyptic United States, a young man and woman band together to find a better world beyond their country's frontier.

In development...

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